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How I got my Gtmetrix.com Score to 1.98s

My last project was very challenging where I was told to optimize Magento Site, Customer was using a dedicated server where I’ve to optimize not only Magento but also Optimize & Speed up the server, Took me some real time and hard work. I am happy Yayyyyy. I don’t want to get in details as far […]

Optimize Mysql Percona Database for 12GB Ram Server

Step 1) Switch from MyISAM to InnoDB (e.g. XtraDB) Step 2) /etc/mysql/my.cnf

  These settings are optimized for 12GB RAM Enjoy the speed of your Mysql **PERCONA

Magento Defer JavaScript

How I achieve 2.8s Load time in Magento as compare to 10s using the following In order to have Defer Javascript, Please change the following files page.xml, my page.xml is stored at