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Amazon S3 Backup via S3tools

I wrote this HOW to on DirectAdmin Forum [adsenseyu2] Guide is for CENTOS 6.x x32 or x64 yum install s3cmd -y – If you can’t install s3cmd then please follow the instructions

touch s3cmd.repo [adsenseyu2] nano s3cmd.repo [adsenseyu2] COPY THE CODE BELOW – # Save this file to /etc/yum.repos.d on your system

Try Above YUM Command […]

Nginx + Varnish

Install Varnish & Configure to work with NGINX Configure the VCL VCL is the Varnish Configuration Language. The VCL file holds most of the config.

Tell Varnish to communicate with the content server (Nginx) on port 8080.

With the above config, Varnish will only cache files without cookies. The following config strips all […]

NGINX Configuration for CS-Cart

I have spend a lot of times configuring CS-Cart to work with NGINX server , bottom line is to cache static content and have speed at the same time. This is my step by step tutorial to install NGINX server and run CS-Cart so here it is :—– In my environment I am using Ubuntu Precise Edition […]