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How to setup a Webserver *Nginx w/Percona

Today, I will share how to setup a Nginx Webserver allowing you to create dynamic web applications with Nginx, PHP5 and MySQL, Please make sure that you’ve a fresh Ubuntu Server with just OpenSSH Server installed. This tutorial will work on any Ubuntu Flavor. Step 1

Step 2

That’s it – now you […]

How I got my Gtmetrix.com Score to 1.98s

My last project was very challenging where I was told to optimize Magento Site, Customer was using a dedicated server where I’ve to optimize not only Magento but also Optimize & Speed up the server, Took me some real time and hard work. I am happy Yayyyyy. I don’t want to get in details as far […]

Optimize Mysql Percona Database for 12GB Ram Server

Step 1) Switch from MyISAM to InnoDB (e.g. XtraDB) Step 2) /etc/mysql/my.cnf

  These settings are optimized for 12GB RAM Enjoy the speed of your Mysql **PERCONA

Magento Defer JavaScript

How I achieve 2.8s Load time in Magento as compare to 10s using the following In order to have Defer Javascript, Please change the following files page.xml, my page.xml is stored at

WebServer with Percona Google Pagespeed

Today : I would like to share how you setup a fast Webs Server with MYSQL . In this tutorial you don’t really need any control panel and waste your money, like Cpanel or this and that, I am not discouraging any one but I cant stand them. We are setting up the following NGINX
Google Page […]

How To Install Zabbix on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise & Configure

Hello – Today, I am going to show how you can install zabbix monitoring tool on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. Edit apt source list to add the PPA:

Add the following items at the end of the file: # Zabbix Application PPA

Save and close the file. Next, we need to add the PPA’s […]

How to Install Nginx with Google Page Speed

Hello Its been a long time since I last updated my blog as I was busy with so many other projects, Today I am going to show an easy way to install Nginx with Google Page speed. I have only tested this with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise, So here it is apt-get install python-software-properties apt-get install […]

How to fix Magento 1.8 Admin Blank Page

Ok, on to the solution:: So, you left compilation mode on, but cannot reach the backend to switch it off. If you have SSH access, you are in luck. Step 1: Check current compilation status

Disable Magento compilation:

Clear all compiled files

Ensure that compiler is disabled now by checking its status: […]

Install OpenERP v7 on Ubuntu 12.10 Server

Next, download my script. from here Or, at the command prompt, type the following ; cd /tmp chmod +x install_fresh_openerp.sh sudo ./install_fresh_openerp.sh The script will do the following ; Update the Ubuntu installation with all new updates and patches. Install all necessary Python library dependencies for OpenERP 7.0 Download the latest nightly build of OpenERP […]