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Installing Magento 2.x and PHP 7.0 on Debian Jessie x64

Step by Step

Add sources nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Install Percona Database Server

Update the repo

Once above is installed simply download Nginx for Jessie – which is already compiled with all the modules and Pagespeed


Mod_pagespeed with Apache on Ubuntu

Speed Up the Web with Google Page Speed = Apache2 If you’re on a 64-bit version (likely)…  

If you’re on a 32-bit version (less likely)…

Remove the downloaded package

Setup The installation package handles a lot of configuration out-of-the-box. In fact, there are conservative defaults that are automatically enabled […]

Magento Apc and Memcached Speed up Magento

I hear a lot of time that people complaints about “Magento is very slow”. In my opinion Magento is not a good solution if you are hosting it in a Shared environment, If you’ve a dedicated server then YES, use it otherwise just use baby e-commerce software available online. This article will focus on configuring and […]

Nginx Ubuntu Server 15.04 Precompile Pagespeed Module

Great news, I was able to compile Nginx with the following modules for all Ubuntu flavors listed below

12.04 14.04 & 15.04 all flavors x64bit Before you install run

Then download the following and install unzip the package. Look for your flavor Ubuntu version and go inside the directory to install using […]

Nginx Pagespeed Modsecurity Pre-compile

I’ve pre-compile nginx 1.6.2, with the following modules. You will get Google Pagespeed, Mod_Security and all your Gzip compression modules, I’ve compile this for the Ubuntu 12.04 x64 & Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Let’s get started. Download precompile Nginx 1.6.2 from here I am assuming you’ve already installed your Ubuntu OS, once that’s installed simply run the […]

Block Country using Iptables

Block Country using Iptables

During the installation, you will be asked if you want to save the iptable rules to both the IPv4 rules and the IPv6 rules. Say yes to both. Your rules will then be saved in /etc/iptables/rules.v4 and /etc/iptables/rules.v6. Once the installation is complete, start iptables-persistent running:

How to setup a Webserver *Nginx w/Percona

Today, I will share how to setup a Nginx Webserver allowing you to create dynamic web applications with Nginx, PHP5 and MySQL, Please make sure that you’ve a fresh Ubuntu Server with just OpenSSH Server installed. This tutorial will work on any Ubuntu Flavor. Step 1

Step 2

That’s it – now you […]

Optimize Mysql Percona Database for 12GB Ram Server

Step 1) Switch from MyISAM to InnoDB (e.g. XtraDB) Step 2) /etc/mysql/my.cnf

  These settings are optimized for 12GB RAM Enjoy the speed of your Mysql **PERCONA