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Displaying Files like phpinfo.php Nginx

Problem I was having was is basically I cannot run a simple info.php inside my public_html after doing some research I came up with this rewrite if you’ve any other solution do let me know it works for me. Nginx This is to display all files inside your /home/domain/public_html


Magento Page Cache Warming

Lets use a simple software to warm pages so they load faster and already in cache. Before we do anything we need to install the following software

Now lets setup Sitemap in Magento prior doing anything  – assuming that’s all taken care follow the following steps.

If the file is not local simply […]

How to install Nginx Page Speed on Debian x64 Jessie

Happy New Year !!!!!! I am not going to bore you guys, I’ve already completed the building process and the hard work so you can enjoy . Install Nginx with Google Page speed At the time of building this we’ve latest stable version of nginx version: nginx/1.10.2 built by gcc 4.9.2 (Debian 4.9.2-10) built with […]

Nginx Deny From IP

Nginx is a very unique Web Server, today I will show how to deny IP using Nginx, Please note you must have this module installed in your Nginx web server , If you don’t have it installed – Simply download my pre-compile Nginx which comes with all the necessary modules known to NGINX.

Will […]

How I got my Gtmetrix.com Score to 1.98s

My last project was very challenging where I was told to optimize Magento Site, Customer was using a dedicated server where I’ve to optimize not only Magento but also Optimize & Speed up the server, Took me some real time and hard work. I am happy Yayyyyy. I don’t want to get in details as far […]

WebServer with Percona Google Pagespeed

Today : I would like to share how you setup a fast Webs Server with MYSQL . In this tutorial you don’t really need any control panel and waste your money, like Cpanel or this and that, I am not discouraging any one but I cant stand them. We are setting up the following NGINX
Google Page […]

How to Install Nginx with Google Page Speed

Hello Its been a long time since I last updated my blog as I was busy with so many other projects, Today I am going to show an easy way to install Nginx with Google Page speed. I have only tested this with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise, So here it is apt-get install python-software-properties apt-get install […]