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Magento 2.x: Required parameter ‘theme_dir’ was not passed

This error message appears in Magento 2 when you deleted a theme directory and the theme registry reminds in the database. To fix this issue you need to go to app/design/frontend and check which themes you have installed. Then go to the database and execute the following command:

Check what is the extra theme […]

Magento2 Set Anchor to YES in all Categories

I am assuming you’ve PHPMYADMIN , not going in detail as to how you install that and all that crap First identify the attribute id of the is_anchor attribute:

I get attribute 54 as my query not sure what you will get as that’s all depends on your environment Now let’s run a Query […]

How to use Gmail or Amazon SES with Magento

Let’s configure Gmail or Amazon SES with Magento2 or Magento 1 or any other php application, basically will configure our server in a way so any php application will then use local php mail but email will route with any SMTP provider. Step 1

Now will edit or add .msmtprc file


Magento 2.01 Broken CSS and Magento 2.01 Admin Page not found

Fix is easy as I am using Apache(2), I was able to fix this by adding the following piece of code in my

Located at

Directory /var/www is going to be your complete path of Magento 2 store

How I got my Gtmetrix.com Score to 1.98s

My last project was very challenging where I was told to optimize Magento Site, Customer was using a dedicated server where I’ve to optimize not only Magento but also Optimize & Speed up the server, Took me some real time and hard work. I am happy Yayyyyy. I don’t want to get in details as far […]

Magento Defer JavaScript

How I achieve 2.8s Load time in Magento as compare to 10s using the following In order to have Defer Javascript, Please change the following files page.xml, my page.xml is stored at

WebServer with Percona Google Pagespeed

Today : I would like to share how you setup a fast Webs Server with MYSQL . In this tutorial you don’t really need any control panel and waste your money, like Cpanel or this and that, I am not discouraging any one but I cant stand them. We are setting up the following NGINX
Google Page […]

How to fix Magento 1.8 Admin Blank Page

Ok, on to the solution:: So, you left compilation mode on, but cannot reach the backend to switch it off. If you have SSH access, you are in luck. Step 1: Check current compilation status

Disable Magento compilation:

Clear all compiled files

Ensure that compiler is disabled now by checking its status: […]

Magento upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8

Take a Code backup as well as DB backup before upgrade. Use SSH to upgrade. Follow below steps to upgrade.. Open command terminal. Go to your Magento directory by cd command like cd /var/www/yourmagento/ & run below commands step by step… chmod -R 777 lib/PEAR chmod 550 pear ./pear mage-setup perl -pi -e ‘s/rn/n/g’ pear […]