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My name is Sohaib R. Khan , this is not my business but this is my passion, I just love what I do , I am crazy and never let things go easy, Never challenge me, lets put it this way .

This blog is like my diary which I use it for reference, If you can benefit from it so be it. Its a great honor to help a lot of people.



  1. Martin
      May 17, 2013

    Hi, Sohaib, I know you are a expert on cs-cart software, especially on server side, now, our website loading speed is not good, I can pay you if you can optimized, we have both web server and database server, and want to use Nginx + Varnish + Apache, and also want to use Rackspace CDN service. If you interested, please get back to me, thanks.

    • sohaibwcws
        May 17, 2013

      You dont need rackspace CDN for this – I can setup like NGINX & Percona and you should be all set.

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