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Magento 2.01 Broken CSS and Magento 2.01 Admin Page not found

Fix is easy as I am using Apache(2), I was able to fix this by adding the following piece of code in my

Located at

Directory /var/www is going to be your complete path of Magento 2 store

Mod_pagespeed with Apache on Ubuntu

Speed Up the Web with Google Page Speed = Apache2 If you’re on a 64-bit version (likely)…  

If you’re on a 32-bit version (less likely)…

Remove the downloaded package

Setup The installation package handles a lot of configuration out-of-the-box. In fact, there are conservative defaults that are automatically enabled […]

Apache2 w/Percona 5.6 Installation Ubuntu Willy

Its been a long time since my last update, I was busy with family and work. Today I will show how we install Apache2 using Ubuntu latest edition Willy as of Jan-23-2016

Finally we restart Apache2  for the last time

Now will install Percona Database Server Instead of […]