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Magento Apc and Memcached Speed up Magento

I hear a lot of time that people complaints about “Magento is very slow”. In my opinion Magento is not a good solution if you are hosting it in a Shared environment, If you’ve a dedicated server then YES, use it otherwise just use baby e-commerce software available online. This article will focus on configuring and […]

Nginx Deny From IP

Nginx is a very unique Web Server, today I will show how to deny IP using Nginx, Please note you must have this module installed in your Nginx web server , If you don’t have it installed – Simply download my pre-compile Nginx which comes with all the necessary modules known to NGINX.

Will […]

Nginx Ubuntu Server 15.04 Precompile Pagespeed Module

Great news, I was able to compile Nginx with the following modules for all Ubuntu flavors listed below

12.04 14.04 & 15.04 all flavors x64bit Before you install run

Then download the following and install unzip the package. Look for your flavor Ubuntu version and go inside the directory to install using […]

Nginx Pagespeed Modsecurity Pre-compile

I’ve pre-compile nginx 1.6.2, with the following modules. You will get Google Pagespeed, Mod_Security and all your Gzip compression modules, I’ve compile this for the Ubuntu 12.04 x64 & Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Let’s get started. Download precompile Nginx 1.6.2 from here I am assuming you’ve already installed your Ubuntu OS, once that’s installed simply run the […]